Our Premium Cigars

cigar in ashtrayWe painstakingly strive to produce the finest cigars possible. This commitment to quality pays tribute to our respect for the tradition, history, and trade. From the selection of the finest tobacco, to the simple, yet proper, box made of imported cedar for storage, you can be assured that each cigar will be a delight for any smoker.

Most aficionados know, a premium cigar is the culmination of years of work. The art of rolling a cigar is a delicate and interesting process. For more information about the rolling process, please visit The Family Workshop section.

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Generally speaking, cigars can be divided into three categories based on their ring size or gauge. See blow for more information.

Thick Gauge Cigars
Ring size greater than 45
Medium Gauge Cigars
Ring size of 40 to 45
Thin Gauge Cigars
Ring size of 26 to 39

NOTE:The above images of the gauge, or ring size, are for reference only and are not to scale.