Laguito No. 1

Ring Size: 
7.6 Inches (192mm)

The Laguito No. 1's elegance and class come from it's presentation and mystic. The Laguito No. 1 is a smooth and creamy smoke that offers complex flavors and a respectable smoking time.This vitola reached a high level of fame in the early 90's, but was forgotten by many aficionados as, due to it's popularity, falsification and inconsistencies in quality grew.

It's construction is much more delicate than many larger gauge cigars. The blend is very exact; the Laguito No. 1's ring size does not allow for much flexibility. Rolling the perfect Laguito No. 1 is not easy, but the finished product it worth it.

Our Laguito No. 1 brings the cigar back to it's roots of quality and craftsmanship, which is why it became famous.