Our Cigars

  • Corona


    Corona Somewhat of an enigma, the Cazadore is a larger cigar with full-flavor, but is slightly more mild that some…

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  • Purito


    Purito Bigger isn't always better- our Panetelita, or Purito, is a cigarette-size (slightly larger) cigar that is full of flavor…

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  • Joyita


    Joyita Perhaps the only cigar that can compete with the Lagito No. 1 in terms of elegance is the Cervantes.…

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  • Perla


    Perla Sometimes considered a beginner's cigar, our Perla is still in-tune with today's smoker's requirements. Like some of our other…

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  • Petit Cetro

    Petit Cetro

    Petit Cetro Slightly longer than the Perla , the Perit Cetro, is a mild cigar. Although it is a smaller…

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  • Laguito # 2

    Laguito # 2

    Laguito # 2 The Laguito No. 2 is the Laguito No. 1 's younger brother. Never reaching the same fame…

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  • Laguito # 1

    Laguito # 1

    Laguito # 1 The Laguito No. 1's elegance and class come from it's presentation and mystic beauty. The Laguito No.…

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  • Mareva


    Mareva Internationally, the Mareva is the most purchased cigar vitola. With a more complex flavor than the Perla or Petit…

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