Portfolio 3

  • Reserva


    Reserva Hailed by some to be one of our best cigars, the Reserva is a full-bodied cigar with deep flavors.…

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  • Corona Gorda

    Corona Gorda

    Corona Gorda The Corona Gorda is perhaps the best kept secret of the cigar smoking world. Although many smokers have…

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  • Piramide


    Piramide Often called Torpedo in the North American market, our Piramide is a one of our fullest-bodied cigars. Very similar…

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  • Figurado


    Figurado With it’s unmistakable shape the Figurado is indeed a unique cigar. Referred to sometimes as a Double Figurado, because…

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  • Petit Robusto

    Petit Robusto

    Petit Robusto With essentially the same blend as it's older brother, the Robusto , the Petit Robusto is for the…

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  • Cazadores


    Cazadores Somewhat of an enigma, the Cazadore is a larger cigar with full-flavor, but is slightly more mild that some…

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  • Robusto


    Robusto Our most populat cigar, and perhaps the most recognized vitola by name, the Robusto is a robust yet short…

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  • Churchills


    Churchills Originally called Julieta, it is more commonly known as Churchill, named after Sir Winston Churchill. This vitola complements him…

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  • Exigente


    Exigente Spanish for "demanding," the Exigente will satisfy the most demanding smoker. Noticeably heavy in your hand, this full boddied…

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